Styling Tips To Keep

20 Oct

If J.Crew has taught us anything, it is that the styling of an outfit really makes a difference. Seriously, the simpliest trick like rolling a cuff can turn your outfit from drab to fab. Here we explore some key styling tips from J.Crew’s Marina Dobreva. Each tip is a way to give your wardrobe a lift in the styling department. Enjoy!

Rolling A Sleeve: Most people tuck the cuff of a sleeve in and roll up, instead try to take the cuff up to the elbow and THEN roll up.

Rolled Sleeve With A Cardigan: Add a cardigan or a blazer and do the same kind of sleeve roll. Just push the carigan or blazer t your elbow first, then roll the sleeve of the shirt underneath.

Black or Nude? The age old question. Notice how the nude shoe elongates the leg. Who doesn’t want that?

Add An Oversized Belt for some Flair:Belt sizes are so in the past. Borrow from the boys and play with many different looping techniques.

Double Belting: Interlocking two different belts and wrapping them around eachother, is an easy look we all can pull from our closets.

Tie Ribbon To Necklaces:If you only have short necklaces, tie ribbon to the ends to create an elongated look.

Messy Cuff: Give your denim an edge by rolling up once, then taking the outside of the cuff and rolling up once more. Giving you a cute tapered look.

Thanks to Mara Kofoed for the Photos and inspiration.

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Great Idea!!

18 Oct

Get creative

Sorry for the late post, I thought I posted yesterday but when I checked the site today it hadn’t gone through.

I saw this great DIY shoe design on Pinterest the other day and thought it was a great idea. Back in high school I had these Nike’s that I loved so much, I wore them almost every day. It got so bad that when I went to go clean them, the white part never went back to its original super sparkly whiteness. So I decided to paint them, they actually came out really nice and I cherished those too. Until a kid from my class made fun of me for painting them and I never wore them again.
Years later I realized that I really should care what people think but still hadn’t painted another shoe, but since this post I have been thinking of creative things to paint on a pair of shoes. Its like a blank canvas, you can be as creative as you want.


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The “I Don’t Have Time To Workout,” WORKOUT.

16 Oct

We have all said those six little words. “I don’t have time to workout.” Well that excuse is not good enough. If you want to be healthy and fit than you have to exercise. In fact, at my Crazy Hot Clothes meeting last week one of our staff members said those six little words and it got me thinking. New blog post idea! So here it is a 5 minute workout that you can do at home and there is no equipment necessary.

My sister sent me this workout this week to help me train for Mud On The Mountain, a 7 mile race with 23 obstacles. I tried the circuit and I really liked it! I ran 3 miles first then did the circuit 3 times. I think it is a nice quick workout that hits the entire body. I did the first set in only 5 minutes and then the next 2 sets took about 6 minutes each.

This is something that everyone can do at home! And you do have the time for it. Just think, in the amount of time it took you to read this blog post you could have done half of the workout already!

But remember this is the type of workout that you have to go hard the entire time to get full benefits from, especially if you are only doing it one time. If you really only have time for 5 minutes of exercise a day at least go as hard as you can for those 5 minutes!

You can do this! Get up and try it right now!

XOXO — Abbey

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Building Your Fall Wardrobe

13 Oct

We all go through it. That time of year when we replace our dresses, tanks, sandals,  and shorts for sweaters, jackets, boots, and pants. But who said we have to go straight to the cold weather wear? CHC is thrilled to give you  a few ideas to make the transition to fall a little easier a lot cuter. Enjoy!

Opaque is Straight

Don’t toss those shorts just yet. Throwing on a pair of black opaque tights with your favorite cut offs, lets you expand your closet even further in the cooler months. Just add some layering accessories like a scarf and a cute beanie and you’re ready to go.

Photo Source:

Fur Real

Sweaters, and chambray, and fur oh my! How adorable is this layered chicness?So fabulous yet very effortless. The jean chambray button up under the furry vest is so playful. Adding pieces you might not think expect together can really open’s up so many possibilities

Photo Source:

Open-toed Goodness

Don’t say bye to those open-toed shoes just yet. Don’t you just love the pop of color and fabulousness that these platforms are creating? The sheer shift skirt creates an elongated line while the shoes give you the perfect amount of fierce.

Photo Source:

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Fishtail Braid

13 Oct

(Picture found at

Have you ever pined over how gorgeous Blake Lively’s hair is? Well don’t worry you are not alone. 

But don’t fret you too can have this gorgeous fishtail braid that Blake pulls off so well, in under 5 mins. 

This braid is so versatile you can dress it up or dress it down. This is definitely my go to lazy day hairstyle. 

Here is an easy chart teaching you this awesome hair style! 

                                                                         (Picture found on

Hope y’all enjoy this easy hair tutorial.


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5 Reasons To Eat Chocolate Every Day

11 Oct

It’s that time of year again. Candy is everywhere! This Halloween you don’t have to feel bad about indulging in some candy. Just make sure you are choosing the right type! In moderation dark chocolate is actually good for you! A recent study, published in the journal BMJ, found that dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart problems! Here are some more reasons to eat dark chocolate — guilt free.

1. Dark chocolate contains the same type of antioxidants that are found in tea and red whine that have been proven to increase brain activity!

2. It can give you a healthy caffeine boost! Dark chocolate contains just enough caffeine to give you a little boost without drinking as much coffee during the day.

3. Eating dark chocolate can reduce stress! According to a study published in October 2009 in the “Journal of Proteome Research,” people who ate 20 grams of dark chocolate as a morning snack and afternoon snack showed lower levels of stress after a two-week period. That sounds good to me!

4. It can help you fight PMS symptoms. Dark chocolate contains magnesium, which has been shown to reduce cramps, fatigue, depression and irritability.

5. A daily dose of dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Sorry milk chocolate lovers, but milk chocolate does not contain the same powerful antioxidants as dark chocolate! If you aren’t into the bitterness that comes a long with dark chocolate try eating it with a sweet fruit like strawberries.

XOXO — Abbey

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Fall Roses

10 Oct

For the past week or so I have been really obsessed with Pinterest. I spend about 3 non stop hours of looking at the DIY & Crafts category and I thought that for my first post I’d get some inspiration from there.

Since it’s fall I figured this was a great DIY idea that I plan on trying as soon as I have the time to pick the right leaves. All of these items are things you can find around the house, and I’m sure you can substitute masking take if you don’t have the green kind


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Mila Kunis: Sexiest Woman Alive

10 Oct

Esquire Magazine named Mila Kunis the “Sexiest Woman Alive” this week.  The Black Swan star is undeniably gorgeous and rumored to be dating hottie, Ashton Kutcher.

We have watched Mila grow into a bombshell since her roles as a young child star on Bay Watch to That 70′s Show and her most recent role in Ted. The 29-year-old super star follows last year’s honoree, Rihannah. In true Esquire fashion, Mila has a full photo spread wearing barely there lingerie in Esquire’s November issue, set to hit stands Oct. 16.

So the question is, do you agree with Esquire’s top pick? Who would you give the title to?
XOXO – Abbey

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Fall’s Top Nail Polish Colors

8 Oct

Fall’s fashion trends are all about the bold colors this year and it doesn’t end with the clothes. Check out these hot nail colors that are sure to compliment your Fall wardrobe. Of course oxblood is in the mix but could a deep green be the new black?

Dark Hues

Nicole by OPI Merry Must Haves – $10 at Target
Revlon Nail Enamel, 730 Valentine – $3.97 at Walmart


Revlon Nail Enamel, 915 Creme Brulee – $3.97 at Walmart
China Glaze, Kalahari Kiss – $7 Ulta

Deep Blues and Greens

Illamasqua Deep Midnight Blue/Shimmer Finish – $14 at Sephora
Illamasqua Rampage Dark Green/Glossy Finish – $14 at Sephora


Revlon: 270 Cherries In The Snow Nail Enamel, .5 Fl Oz – $3.97 Walmart
Illamasqua Nail Varnish – $14 at Sephora

XOXO – Abbey

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Scarf it Up

6 Oct

Does anyone else love scarves as much as me? I doubt it, but there are some fanatics out there you just can’t get enough. When the temperature drops and you start to pile on the layers, an outfit just doesn’t feel complete without a little love around our necks.

As if we needed anymore reason to wrap up, here is a great video from Wendy and her cuteness schools us on 25 ways to wear a scarf. Who know there was so many names and styles? Some of the techniques are basic but just wait for stunners like “the celebrity” and “the boa.”

I don’t know about you, but I think I might do a little practicing. How cute is Wendy and all of the scarves she uses? 

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Not Your Typical Scarf